zondag, december 09, 2007

Gelofte Dag 2007

Dag, Boere

Hierdie Blog gaan uit na al ons Boere wat in die buite land woon op die oomblik. Mens moet nooit vergeet om te staan by die gelofte wat ons voor Vaders gemaak het aan God nie. Dus moet ons hierdie sondag weer die 16 December as 'n heilige Boere dag behandel.

Ek gaan voorstel dat almal in die buite land, wakker wees teen 12 na middag in SA tyd. vir mense of die Wes Kus van Amerika is dit 2am saterdag aand. As ons almal saam kan staan in Gebed met die res van die Volk, en weer ons Gelofte aan God gee. Vir Hom vra om saam met ons te staan in die tyd van nood.

So kom waar ook al in die wereld jy jouself bevind, maak seker jy wy die 16 aan God toe en dat ons almal saam bid met die volk om 12 uur in die middag SA tyd.

Die van julle wat in SA woon maak seker julle ondesteun die Gelofte dag Herdenkings wat plaas vind in jou Dorp of Stad.

Die wat kan gaan na die Voortrekker of Bloed Revier monument toe. Ek sal wat gee om daar te kan wees.

Boere Groete


vrijdag, november 10, 2006

the mobile blog

this is just a tester to see if it ever would be feasable to type my blog from the road via my psp . i would have to say one can do it but it sure is taking a hell of a long time ! come on playstation when in the heck are you foLKs giong to bring out the portable keyboard?

donderdag, november 09, 2006

War songs and slogans

I have once again been seeing lots more coming out on tv about all the anc fight songs and their MK songs, whic of course only speaks of hate for ALL whites and how they are giong to kill us all. The thing that pisses me off and gets my head shaking as well is that whenever you see the news or some show airing the toi-toi bunch siging these songs, in olden days and now. There is always a number of white morons in there dancing and screaming at the top of their lungs along with the anc brood.

What part of "we hate all whites, where giong to kill all whites" dont they get.

So on this note this boer has been thinking its time to make up anti mandela songs as well as anti anc songs, and publish them all over the web and see if we cant even get some folks to start chanting them in the streets....Now you all know what will happen the second this gets done. Those who post it on their sa websites or sing it in the streets will be arrest and branded as racist and evil.,..... O you got to love the double standards of the west and the anc.

In all my life the most hectic racist i have ever come across has always been black people. And thats saying a lot i had some really bad racist family folks in the past. but still the worst offenders has always been black people. Its seems that not only is it according to the liberals and blacks alike the black peoples duty to hate whites and other races its their right.

Ok enough murmur and grumblings from me.



zaterdag, november 04, 2006

1916 - 2006

Vandag is 'n baie stil en hartseer dag vir my. My President is oorlede. Die laaste waare leier van Suid Afrika het in sy slaap op ouderdom 90 gesterf. P.W Botha was die eerste en eenigste President van die Rubepliek van Suid Afrika gewees. Selfs in sy laaste paar jaar op die aarde het hy nog steeds om gegee vir sy volk en nasie.

Al die nuus berigte op die oomblik word aangebied met die informasie dat die leier wat nooit wou in gee teen sy oud modiese metodes en regeering styl is dood. Maar dis nie dat PW nie wou verander nie en ook nie dat hy nie kon sien hoe of waar om dit te doen nie, dis net dat PW self het gese hy sal nie die Afrikaanse volk veraai en uit verkoop aan die vyand nie. PW het gese as ons sommer net semier als oorgee aan die swart masse sal die land verbrokel en hulle sal ons uit moor en steel. Hy het in die mid tagtigs profeties gese wat sal gebeur as ons die swartes 'n los hand gee in die land.

Als wat hy gevrees het, het gebeur. Dis hoekom hy wou stadig met beskeriming maatsreels in plek die verandering wou om bring. Maar hy was veraai deur Pik Botha en FW De Klerk het in sy beurt ons hele nasie en voor en nageslag veraai.

President PW Botha ek gaan jou mis en sal verewig trots wees op jou die laaste leier wat bereid was om te staan vir wat reg was vir die Volk.

Rus in vrede ou krokedil, mag jy nou jou Gods beloning kry.


dinsdag, oktober 31, 2006

Why I hate Mandela

Ok, So i got you to look at this blog. While in some words saying i hate mandela might be a overstrong way of stating my view, parts of me does feel that way.

It seems that hollywood has taken a real shine to South Africa and its past in a bunch of african styled movies coming out soon one of them named catch a fire, portrays how a peace loving black man gets driven to becoming a "freedom Fighter". This film along with a lot of other films and documtentry's feast on the notion that all the black folks in south africa were great peace loving people who only wanted to be free from the evil satanic white rulers.

Of coarse this is all hogwash, first off before you scream me of the page...yes i know and will be the first to admit that there were lots of whites in the apartheid system that did evil things, and becuase of the handfull of morons we as a people group are now being judged for all eternity by the world and the dictator Mbeki and his brood.

But apartheid at its core was never meant to be what the Voster goverment turned it into, and had The last true president of South Africa; President P.W Botha stayed in power for his full second term things might have turned back to what apartheid was meant to be.

The whole idea behind apartheid was this: in South Africa we have to many strong culutres in a sense of cultures that cant and wont be ruled by the other, The Boer Nation was the first african tribe in southern africa to take on the brits and their whole empire having fought three major wars with them only to loose the last one whic is know as the 1899-1902 Second Anglo Boer War.

So the creator of the Apartheid system sat down and said the only way this country will ever survive is if the Zulu rules the Zulu and if the English Rule themself and so on ect. Thus he set about creating ereas of land called "homelands" places where historicaly (before britian colonized the whole South Africa after the 1902 war against the Boers) these black tribes lived and ruled themselfs. So to each of the origanil tribes land in the places where they origanaly ruled and lived was given and systems was put in place to help them establish THEIR OWN GOVERMENTS, everything from a president chosen by the people of the said homeland to its own army ,police force,ect.,ect.ect

It was a brilliant plan that could have grown into a system close to that whic the american people live in where there are states ruling themselfs and then a fereral body overseeing the whole.

But the creator of apartheid was assasinated in parlement(still a lot of mystery there) and the next man to bat was minister Voster who turned apartheid into the hell it became.

But even so the amount of blacks killed by the apartheid goverment is not a huge number at all, when one looks at all other african country's and how they kill out their oposing factors one would consider South Africa's apartheid goverment to be as mild as a kitten.

But still everyone in the whole world is ready to jump and just believe any lie the anc put out about us and that time of our history. And in this manner the anc can make sure no one really takes a look at how awful they were and how brutal they were against their own people never mind the inoccent WOMEN AND CHILDREN AND ELDERLY FOLK they murdered in the city's of South Africa.

The Apartheid goverment fought the anc on the battelfields of angola and other places the ANC fought their battels by bombing shoping centres and post offices and and childrens day care centres.

So tell me then; when will Hollywood or anyone in the world make a film about Mandela's evils, Mandela himself said that if he was the jugde at his now famous revonia trail he would have made sure him and his co-acused got the death sentence,

but no instead the world idolises him gives him peace prizes.

How screwed up can history be,

But unlike what the anc is thinking of my People the Boers are not done yet, no sir the final pages of this long drawn out tale are far from being written. All we want is to live in peace and take care of our own. but keep on pushing us and youll see the same thing the brits did in 1902 and that is it would be a great mistake to underestimate the Boer people.


woensdag, februari 01, 2006

Wees Voorbereid

Ek begin agter kom dat meer en meer op afrikaanse web blaaie en blog's begin mense meer oopenlik te praat oor "die nag van lang messe"

Meeste van die skryfers wil dit voor kom is nuut in die idea, en bespreek nog of so iets kan gebeur of nie. My eie meening was nog altyd dat nie kan so iets begeur nie maar wanneer sal dit kom.

Selfs al is dit nie die anc struktuur wat so iets beveel nie , kan dit nie anders as gebeur nie want die anc en hul media (sabc) doen nog hul beste om als wat fout gaan in die swartmassa se lewens op die wit mens en meer so op die Boere te blameer. So siende hoe sleg dinge gaan in die land vir die meederheid swartes op die oomblik is dit net 'n kwessie van tyd tod hul in opstand kom teen huidige regeering stelsel en saam met dit sal hul eerste tykens al die wittes in die land wees.

Al wat dit kort is vir een plakkerskamp om 'n wit buurt te oorval en dan sal dinge soos 'n veld vuur versprei in die res van die land in.

Ek skat nogdans dat selfs al is Mbeki nie bewus daar van nie is die meeste bevel voerders in die anc besig om hul mense reg te maak vir so iets.

Ons grootste kommer is dat ons het geen plan om op terug te val vir as so iets aaklig ooit gebeur in die land nie. Meer en meer sien ek mense op hul web werfe se dat daaris planne maar die masse boere weet nie daar van nie. Ons moet nou iets uit dink en net agter in ons kop hou sodat as die ergste wel kom on darem ons self sal kan verdeedig. en mekaar sal kan red en opas.

Elke groot stad moet 'n plan nou al beraam van waarnatoe families kan vlug om by mekaar te kom in grooter nommers en dan van daar af waarna toe om te gaan om as volk saam te trek.

Maar mense julle sal moet uit die buurte en stede uit kom. en die enigste manier wat ons so iets sal oorleef is om in groot nommers by mekaar te trek.


zaterdag, januari 28, 2006

Lang Stilte

Vergewe my ek het maande laas iets op die blog neer gesit.. Ongelukig is dinge so mal by die werk ek sit en werk 80 uure per week vir 'n paar maande en dan moet ek nog buss travels ook daar in pas. Maar ek bly nuus lees en as enige iemand iets sien wat op die blog moet kom epos dit aan my of anders word deel van ons skrywers en begin goed hier neerle.